House At Zeng Cheng
“Black & White” is undoubtedly the most classic color combination. With navy blue as the main embellishment, instilling the space with a sense of vitality. The activities area is spacious, giving the designer a chance to develop his creative ideas. The designer boldly uses a large piece of the floor-to-ceiling glass window, so every corner at home has sufficient lighting. Surrounded by natural sunlight, people feel energetic while having any activities at home. The design is refreshing, especially in the kitchen – which is the highlight of the home. The designer understands the importance of interaction within the family. Therefore, in the kitchen, we have created a glass wall above the stove. While the parents are cooking, they can glimpse their children playing in the garden, which shows a cozy environment can provide both personal space and intimate family connection at the same time.
2600 sq.ft.
Year of completion: