About Us

Founded by dynamic duo Maggie Mo and Jay Leung, Starz Pasha is a design firm that specializes in highly tailored residential and commercial interior spaces across Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Region. A masterful use of light, quality materials and space planning permeates its portfolio that spans private residences, workplaces, education and retail chains. Its mission is to provide top-class, innovative and professional design and build services, with a focus on enhancing its clients’ living by improving the quality of the air, water, acoustics and lighting by selecting nonhazardous materials that benefit clients’ wellbeing, and to create aesthetically pleasing, timeless, yet healthy interior spaces.

A good design must be done from the inside out. To create a cozy living environment, designers should take into consideration spatial planning, lighting, materials and colors. We also pay attention to the five senses and base our projects on sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste to deliver multisensory living spaces for our clients.

Our Service



Visual Communication

Space Planning

3D Renderings



Material And Finishes Selection

Construction Drawings

Furniture, Fixtures, And Equipment



Site Coordination

Material Procurement

Time And Budget Management