Bare Loft

Private Apartment, Hong Kong

In this Bear-Inspired “Bare Loft”, the design is defined by the interplay between “bear” elements and a “bare” aesthetic. Throughout the space, the owners’ self-painted teddy “bear” artwork serves as the inspirational foundation, balanced by a “bare” design approach that brings out the raw, contemporary and industrial essence of the loft.

Stepping through the entryway, you’ll be enchanted by the bear paw-inspired door handles, beckoning you to explore the space beyond. At the heart of the loft, a statement piece, resembling the face of a bear, commands attention, setting the tone for the entire design. This feature complements the exposed stair structure and the teddy bear embellishments, creating a harmonious contrast. Varied stone patterns, from rugged earth tones to sleek polished surfaces, layer the interior with depth and reflect the raw, natural essence defining this unique residential space.

By converting the original guest room into a master suite, we freed up the central living areas to create a more cohesive, open-concept flow. A single accent wall in a serene grey tone now delineates the living and rest zones. To further elevate the loft-like ambiance, we incorporated an internal staircase also at the heart of the loft not only providing direct access to the rooftop terrace but allowing natural sunlight to flow through the interior space. 

Welcome to Bare Loft.




Worldwide Garden


798 sq.ft. 

Year of completion: