Bare Loft


Welcome to the captivating world of the Bare Loft, where meticulous attention to detail and seamless integration of bear-inspired elements await.

Step inside and be enchanted by the door handles, designed as adorable bear paws, inviting you to uncover the hidden surprises within.

At the heart of this loft, a magnificent signature circle resembling the face of a bear commands attention, serving as the statement piece of the house.

Immerse yourself in the curated monochromatic color palette, with soothing shades of grey that envelop the loft in an industrial ambiance, radiating elegance.

Every element works harmoniously to enhance this aesthetic, with the staircase taking center stage as a standout feature. Behind the signature circle, the bare structure of the staircase and its sleek black steel design create a captivating contrast against the whimsical bear-inspired elements, further accentuating the loft’s distinct character.

To represent the raw and bare essence of this design, we have incorporated different stone textures, adding depth and layers to the interior. This unique touch adds to the overall charm and visual appeal of the space.




Worldwide Garden


2,000 sq.ft.