Carnation Court

Private Apartment, Hong Kong

This project blends sleek, contemporary aesthetics with the allure of textured elements, creating a space that exudes urban sophistication. Designed to cater to our trend-conscious family clients.

The center stage lies in this ingenious layout, which integrates the private quarters within the open living zone through the use of a concealed door positioned beside the dining area and bar.

This concealed door allows for discreet access to the three bedrooms while maintaining the serene, uninterrupted flow of the communal spaces – a masterful balance of function and form that maximizes the home’s livability without compromising its cohesive aesthetic.

The whole palette of greys, reminiscent of the weathered hues of natural stone. Yet, amidst this serene backdrop, bursts of green emerge, these pops of verdant hue breathe new life into the space, creating a harmonious balance between the contemporary and the natural.




Carnation Court


1,658 sq.ft. 

Year of completion: