Guangzhou Design Week

Guangzhou Design Week – Interior Design Speech & Panel Discussion

Starz Pasha had the incredible honor of being invited to the perfect event at Guangzhou Design Week. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Steve Leung Design Group, Hong Kong Design Centre, Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), and NetEase for extending us the invitation.

It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce our designs and present our new project, “Concept RE,” to fellow designers and attendees. We are immensely grateful to the entire audience for their attentive engagement during our speech. The dinner gathering offered us the pleasure of connecting with numerous exceptional designers.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Moorgen Smart Home for their gracious invitation. Witnessing the seamless exchange of ideas between Hong Kong and China was truly fascinating.

This event has been a remarkable and enriching experience that facilitated meaningful connections within the industry. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to engage with this vibrant community of talented individuals. Let’s continue to inspire and be inspired!