Corporate, Shanghai

Introducing our project, ‘Z,’ which derives its name and identity from our client company, “Z.” Inspired by the letter’s unique features of two refractions and foldings, we strategically employ bold diagonal lines and light strips to curate a visually stunning environment. This design not only captivates the senses but also seamlessly attracts and guides individuals throughout the interior space.

Given that our client operates in the e-commerce industry, we have integrated a flexible conference room and open area design that facilitates collaboration by allowing the glass partitions to be easily opened. Additionally, the strategic placement of light strips creates a guiding path for users within the office space.

The blue-grey color palette evokes a sense of professionalism and subtlety. Our design philosophy revolves around transforming traditional cubicles into a vibrant, community-oriented setting that fosters collaboration and interaction among occupants.

At the heart of our design philosophy is the transformation of traditional cubicles into a dynamic and community-oriented environment. We aim to create a vibrant setting that fosters collaboration and encourages interaction among the occupants. By breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of unity, we strive to cultivate a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity.








6000 sq.ft.

Year of completion: