Pagani Hong Kong's Inaugural Showroom

A Showcase of Pagani’s DNA

The collaboration between the Pagani Design Team and Starz Pasha has transformed Pagani’s visionary aspirations into a masterpiece – an exquisitely curated space that resonates with the essence of science and artistry, epitomizing the brand’s luxurious and skillful heritage.

At the core of the experience are Pagani’s own bespoke furnishings, designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as the brand’s iconic cars. Red brick, a hallmark of traditional Italian architecture, imbues the showroom with a warm, inviting ambiance that connects visitors to Pagani’s cultural roots.

A circular ceiling takes center stage, its play of light and shadow highlighting the sculptural beauty of the Pagani hypercars displayed below, elevating them to the status of automotive art. Behind the scenes, an edgy, industrial-chic space reflects the brand’s technical mastery, with a sleek marble bar table and metallic lighting fixtures blending modern elegance and mechanical charm.

Throughout the showroom, the signature material of Pagani – lightweight yet ultra-strong carbon fiber – is prominently featured, from the display cases to the flooring, immersing visitors in the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection.




Centre Point, Gloucester Road, Wan Chai


998 sq.ft.