mount regalia

Private Apartment, Hong Kong

The red wine production process is used as the design concept in this project This 1623sqft unit is located in Kau To Shan, the designer used red wine as the medium, visually expressing the wine production process such as Harvesting, Crushing, Fermenting, Clarifying and Bottling through the furniture and lighting details, infusing a unique wine experience into this contemporary home.

With the aim to satisfy the need to create an entertainment space for guests at home, the designer separated the dining area and the living area with a medium-high TV marble wall, making the entire space more bright and transparent. In addition, the designer intentionally placed the same color dining cabinet behind the wall to enhance the owner’s dining experience, while injecting a calm and low-key luxurious vibe into the space.

Hong Kong
1623 sq.ft.
Year of completion: